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In Cryptology we embrace people with ideas, vision  and appetite to succeed. We thrive to create a culture of equality, diversity and creativity. We encourage our employees to take initiative and make an impact to the development of our business. We are successfully growing and developing in a fast pace, modern industry and constantly seeking to onboard sophistication, intelligence and excellence combined with ethics and hard work.

If you wish to work in our highly interactive, embracing and diverse team, please go through our vacancies below and apply. We review all applications with extra care, always trying to identify candidates' potential for growth and added value to our business.

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QA Lead
Back Office
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Moscow, Russia
Global Head of Quantitative Strategy
Research and Development
  • singapore, Singapore

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You didn’t find a role that suits your skills and interest?

You can still send us your resume expressing your interest to certain areas for future consideration. We are expanding internationally and welcome applications from around the Globe. 

Remote workers are welcome to apply as well since we can offer this flexibility for some positions

Please forward your CV, targeted position and if you wish a small description of who you are and what you can do best to careers@cryptology.com

"Appreciating individuality we seek to be open to creative ideas and valuable experience of both newcomers and core team. It’s absolutely important for us to maintain a positive working environment and to encourage each other in sharing ideas, discussing them openly and frankly and finally, bringing them into reality. We are providing our experts with all the tools in hand to work effectively and excel in their work. We always pay serious attention to our constant improvement and always seeking of ways to become better and stronger as a team"

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Anton Kalinin
COO, Cryptology